About iiTel

iiTel is a new system founded by CEO Joy Onyemaechi for developing oral language proficiency within the Nigerian Secondary Education System. Deploying strategies that facilitate the acquisition of English Language skills in a teacher and student friendly environment iiTel is breaking new ground towards assessable outcomes. That being said we’d like to invite you to consider further the following. 

The Communicative Phonetics Series is a new innovative approach to Oral English language teaching, with emphasis on functional, contextualized pedagogy rather than more abstract or traditional discourse.

The carefully selected activities are designed to predominantly engage students in thinking, speaking, listening and equally in performance or role play. The 25 chapter volume consists entirely of task-based teaching and learning activities, with each chapter divided into six series of intensely loaded components featuring:

  • Applied Phonetics
  • Role Play in both real and imaginary scenarios
  • Two way conversations and follow up peer interrogatives
  • Debates, talk shows, story telling and figurative use of language
  • News gathering and reporting
  • Public speaking and power point presentations
  • Engaging and exciting language teaching board games   

These interactive activities stimulate the learning skills of creative imaginative thinking, problem solving and expressive oral proficiency in real time situational contexts. The engaging tasks motivate and inspire students to explore language use as a cognitive interaction with their personal, academic, physical and social world-and have fun doing it too!    

This learning experience ensures the needed balance of emphasis on the wholistic teaching of language skills, covering the macro skill areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening.   

Joy Onyemaechi CEO iiTel