Jos Training Program

Jan 29 in Jos Nigeria saw iiTel deliver it’s first training program in the West African Nation.

CEO of iiTel Ms. Onyemaechi herself delivered the seminar outlining a variety of aspects of teaching English in secondary schools. A keynote component of the training program was highlighting the iiTel Resource Book “Communicative Phonetics”

The pictures provided are a snapshot of the seminar in Jos earlier today.

An Outsider’s View

A new language system of teaching oral english in the classroom is always a difficult premise to hold within any Educational Department; most likely anywhere in the world.

I think one element of concern for the introduction of a more communicative approach to learn English has definitely got to be concern from both Teachers and Parents. Both are high involvement stakeholders who have on the one hand their livelihoods and on the other the guidance and future of their children.

The risk is of course having a whole new model being firstly accepted into the broader context of learning outcomes and then of its being accepted as a viable learning method that can achieve outcomes that supersede expectations from past models.

From where I sit I’m looking on with positivity related to the involvement of iiTel inside the Nigerian Education System. While I’m aware of the challenges, I can also see and hear from the interviews Ms. Onyemaechi has given, vast gains that will lead to a significant change in life expectations for potentially millions of secondary school students.

Ben Carstairs